Хорошо настроенный чат-бот с успехом заменяет человека. В моем случае, общаться с роботом оказалось не менее эффективно, чем с человеком. Ну, разве что, с вежливостью, со стороны робота, на мой взгляд — немного перебор. В итоге, в общем-то, нетривиальный (для робота) и требующий, вроде бы как, участия человека, вопрос был решен, клиент был доволен. Ниже вы можете ознакомиться с перепиской в чате с роботом компании Vodafone, при покупке сим-карты. Речь идет о затруднениях при онлайн-оформлении заказа. Присылайте в комментарии и ваши истории!

Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us.  An agent will be with you shortly.
Info: You’re now chatting with Andrea.
Andrea: Hello, you’re chatting with Andrea your Vodafone online sales specialist.
Andrea: Hello Grigory, Good Morning 🙂
Grigory: Why my company is not found by number?
Andrea: Just to confirm, You are looking to order a new deal through the business ?
Grigory: yes
Andrea: Let me help you.
Grigory: ok
Andrea: Grigory, Are you not able to find any company name through your number OR is it giving incorrect company name?
Grigory: not able to find
Andrea: I see..
Andrea: May I have your number so that I can get it checked?
Grigory: хххххххххх
Andrea: Thank you for the details.
Andrea: Let me get it checked now.
Andrea: Please allow me 2-3 minutes.
Grigory: ok
Grigory: ok
Andrea: Grigory, I Just got the details checked with my manager.
Andrea: Are you able to select the Sole-trader option and order the deal, Please?
Grigory: ok I’l try
Andrea: Yes Please

You Just need to use your personal details to order the deal by selecting the Sole-Trader option 🙂
Grigory: It has worked
Grigory: thank you
Andrea: Perfect !!
Andrea: Please wait…
Andrea: Grigory, Please proceed with the order keeping this chat open 🙂
Grigory: ok
Andrea: Let me know if you get stuck anywhere 🙂
Grigory: ok thanks
Andrea: Thanks for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
Grigory: ok
Andrea: Grigory, After entering all the details click on Accept Terms & conditions and then click »Buy Now» button and let me know once you receive WEB-0000 reference number.
Andrea: Hope you are able to proceed further 🙂
Grigory: Dear Andrea, is there an option to adjust payments from bank account instead of credit card?
Andrea: Grigory, While placing the order right now, You can enter the bank account details to complete the order 🙂

Once you receive the order, You can get in touch with our customer services team to cancel the direct debit and make the payment through your credit card 🙂
Andrea: Please be assured of that 🙂
Grigory: ok
Andrea: Also, On the card Section(5th step) : Enter «Card Holder Name» same way it’s printed on your card and including Mr/Mrs if it’s there and also capital letters if it’s in capital letters.
Andrea: After entering all the details click on Accept Terms & conditions and then click »Buy Now» button and let me know once you receive WEB-0000 reference number.
Andrea: Hi Grigory , Hope you are able to proceed further with the order?
Andrea: Congratulations!
Andrea: You have placed the order successfully 🙂
Andrea: The order number is WEB-*****
Andrea: 1. Your order will be with you within 1-2 working days. We aim to deliver it as soon as possible and many times, by next day. You will be able to track your order at www.vodafone.co.uk/trackmyorder
Andrea: 2. Just to make you aware that you’ll receive your bill within the next week or so which covers your first full month’s charge, which is always in advance, plus a few extra days while we set up your account.
Andrea: 3. For help to get you started, please visit us at Getting Started. Please visit www.vodafone.co.uk/terms for full Terms & Conditions.
Andrea: All good, Grigory ?
Grigory: Ok thank you
Andrea: It’s entirely my pleasure !!
Andrea: Also thanks a lot, Your appreciation means a lot to me!
Andrea: Grigory, It has been a real pleasure assisting you and I appreciate your patience through out this chat, today 🙂
Andrea: Do you’ve any more questions for me? I’d be happy to assist you with that 🙂
Grigory: Thank you again
Andrea: It’s entirely my pleasure !!
Andrea: Also, Wishing you a great rest of your weekend 🙂
Andrea: For us to continually improve our service, we’d really appreciate your feedback. Please complete this short survey after you click the End chat button and score us from 0 (being the lowest) to 10 (the highest). Thank you !
Andrea: Is that okay?
Grigory: ok
Andrea: Thank you so much 🙂
Andrea: Please click the «Close» button at the top right corner to answer a few questions about your experience with Vodafone today.
Andrea: Take care, Bye 🙂
Grigory: bye